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Icons on bottom left taskbar keep disappearing.


New Member
Hi to all, I am having a problem with my taskbar on the bottom left side of my PC.

After my grand kids were finished playing games(yeah right blame it on the grand's Mr. Tinkerer) I noticed the icons on the bottom left were gone.

I tried to figure out what was wrong and I found out about quick launch and new toolbar etc.
The problem is now when I click on anything on the bottom left or desktop the icons disappear.
When I click on the 2 arrows they come back, but I can't get them to stay as before and I can't drag new icons to the quick launch with the taskbar locked or unlocked. Although if I keep the taskbar unlocked the icons don't disappear.
I finally decided to do a system restore and I found out there weren't any system restore points or dates to pick. I know my pc used to save restore points but no more.
Any help is appreciated and I will try to attach 2 screenshots of the bottom left .Thanks in advance.

P.S. Oops I am running Windows 8.1
Dell Inspiron 660s
X64 based.


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