I should charge AT&T and Comcast for doing their work.


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After our siding was done, the crew thought that they were doing me a favor by putting back up the NID, but instead they created a huge headach of a tangled mess of cables.

The box on the right has the Coax for DirecTV & Comcast (offline). Static blocks for both lines have a Sacrificial Lightening/Static protecter that just screws on the coax side going to the house.

All grounds for the AT&T U-Verse NID and the Coax static blocks. Are attached to the ground for house electric for the incoming power at the meter pan, that goes under the dirt to the ground rod. The three ground lines for TV & Comm's are attached with split bolts.

Inside the breaker panel is grounded to a Cold water line. A Intermatic Surge protector is attached to the breaker panel. Those pictures are in my photo album.


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all exterior coax cables coming into the house are to be attached to a ground block before entry and that ground block is to be attached to the house ground with #10 wire with a max wire length of 20' > that's code..

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