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I have problems with changing the language in win 8.


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Hi my laptop got stolen so I bought a new one here in Argentina.
The problem is that the system is in Spanish and I haven't been able to change it to English Im also totally new with win8.
I have tried my best to read all kinds of guides and stuff but it seems to be so many problems that I haven't been able to solve.


If you look at my screenshot you can see the sentence: no disponible en esta edicion de windows
Which means: not available in this edition of windows

There is also no download link under that sentence that I saw it were in all the guides that I was reading.

I read somewhere that you should download win 8.1 in order to be able to download the English system language but this is the message I get when I enter my win 8 store to download 8.1.

win store pic.png

Which basically means that the store is not available in Windows to go. I didn't even know what windows to go was but after reading a couple of articles its seems that its not the full windows or something.

So anyways I read a article on how to enable the win8 store in win to go and it says that I have to open Group policy Editor which I just cant find in this Spanish OS. How do I find gpedit.msc in this Spanish system?


Anyways any help is greatly appreciated Im so so lost here.


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