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I have Data Execution Prevention problems


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Ok well since i installed windows 8.1 pro i had problems with Data Execution Prevention (DEP) and i really want to play half life but DEP's BEX crash just won't let me play it... This is happening with all goldsrc/half life 1 games like counter strike 1.6 ,half life 1 and some mods for half life 1 and counter strike xtreme v6 so i tried adding these games to the exception list but still got the BEX crash, Also disabled DEP through command prompt but did not work either and i am confused because when i had windows 7 i was all fine until i installed win 8...
Also i am running on a x64bit OS so i still don't think that here is the problem because i had the 64bit windows 7 os too but i didn't have any problems...
If any more details is needed i'll try my best to find it

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