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I.E. 10 no longer works


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System W8, I.E. 10. Thursday 14 July suddenly found I could not get any web page, the Google ‘circle’ just keeps spinning. The only thing I can do is close the page, sometimes cannot do that and have to power off.

Tried using Mozilla and it seems to work OK. Having done searches it seems all support for I.E. 8, 9 and 10 was terminated at the beginning of the year. Is this the cause of my problem? I was put off using Mozilla when I found when you downloaded just 1 file and scanned with NIS, it showed total items scanned as 2 files! Wondered what the extra file is? Same file downloaded with I.E. 10 showed 1 file.

Should I upgrade to W8.1 and I.E.11? Are there any major disadvantages in doing this? Do you lose all your software and downloaded data on the hard drive during the process? Got data backed up to 2 external hard drives; I just wondered.

Thanks for any help you may offer.

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