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How to turn off an app update notice


I love the MSN Weather app, use it all the time, it is the (old Bing Weather) which still exists on Windows 8. However, when you upgrade to Windows 8.1, it gets upgraded to MSN Weather version 3.0,4.214 and when it launches, it always says there is an update (which there actually is v 3.04.450) but it no longer exists in the Windows 8.1 store, so never gets updated

I think it has to do when they switched everything over to Windows 10, it is in the Windows 10 store but alas no way to download it for 8.1.

The app works great, as is, but is there a way to turn off that nagging update notice? I turned app updates off, which has no effect, and just not sure how to disable it, or update it, suggestions?
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