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(How to troubleshoot) HP computer is not waking up from hibernation when scheduled via task scheduler


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I have an HP computer with Windows 8 installed. While I have been able to configure it to go into hibernation mode using a task in that are scheduled, I have not been able to make it wake up at a scheduled time. I used the following website to configure the scheduled task
How to Schedule Windows to Schedule it to Wake up and Goto Sleep

The scheduled task does run, but the computer does not wake up. From whatever I have a learnt about this, the user is just expected to configure any program to run and the computer should wake up assuming that it had hibernated earlier and also assuming that proper user privileges are provided.

What can I do to troubleshoot this? This is a remote computer for me and I need to access it in the morning without asking the people at the actual site to turn it on for me.

Thank you for any inputs

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