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How to share, auto-sort, cache videos/photos offline view?


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Hi all,

Please help me choose tools - service provider(s) and/or application(s) - for my goals.

I'd like to start sharing privately videos and photos in some private cloud drive with a group of close people. It would be sort of electronic photo/video album. Most computers are 8" Tablet PCs, OS is Windows 8.1.

There is a question how can I view these photos/videos when one (or more) of these people is offline. The best thing would be an application which automatically caches the photos/videos which are viewed most often or "starred" or "liked" most or "rated" as best. The application would cache (for offline viewing too when there is no internet connection) those mostly viewed/starred/liked/rated photos/videos on each computer, depending on which photos/videos were watched on that particular computer.

What I plan is just keep putting all the photos/videos (probably from all the same computers) to some cloud drive, and - the best thing would be - just let the mostly watched photos/videos to sort naturally in each cache. Or maybe there is some feature to rate photos/videos (somewhat like in windows media player).

Is there a way to auto-cache some amount (let's say up to 2GB or 5GB) of the most often viewed files (for offline viewing) instead of having all of them on those devices? I'm asking this because those tablet PCs have a rather limited storage capacity (and are also limited on internet connection quite often too).

Here are some tags I've been searching with, but I still couldn't find anything particular yet.
"cache videos" from "cloud drive"
Cache videos offline
(not android, not ipad, but windows 8)
store videos
onedrive videos cache offline

One of the links I've found that might be relevant:
Online-only files and files available offline - Windows Help

Any ideas to my questions?
Which service provider(s) and/or application(s) would you suggest?
Or maybe you know some other relevant place/forum I could ask this question at?

Many thanks
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