How To Run Steam (Latest Version) On Windows 8/8.1 (Could Also Work On Windows 7)


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Good Evening, I will Explain How To Run Latest Version Of Steam On Windows 8/8.1 (Could Work on Windows 7)
I have Made A Video About It If it Gets A Bit Complicated for you

The Video I Made:
The Video I Got This Advice From:

First: All You Have To Do is install a fresh Install Of Steam From The Steam Website (Yes it doesnt Work But just listen and it will get Understandable)
Secoundly: Just Go Through The Setup And Let It Do Its Thing
Third: Make A New Text Document and Paste This:
Fourth: Dont Forget To Save As Type: "All Files" And Name It as: steam.cfg And Place The Document In The Steam Folder (Example: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam)
Windows 8 Steam.PNG

What This Code Has Done Is basically Block All Upcoming Updates and Therefore You Will be Stuck On The Latest Version Of Steam With Everything Avalibale For You Such As: Friends Chat, Friends Activity and Mostly Everything

Fifth: Manually Open And Login To Steam, And Everything is ready!

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