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How to revert back windows 7 from Windows 10?


Windows 10 completely I'm not satisfied.
So I'm going to install windows 7.
I don't have windows.old file and I have been using 2 years windows 10 but not satisfied.
The problem is do I delete C: folder and system file only or all disk parts are able to install?
I have data in D: drive and I don't have enough space in usb drive and don't have portable hard disk.
Waiting for your reply.

And give me instructions before installation.
This is my laptop model
Lenovo Core i5 7th Gen - (8 GB/1 TB HDD/DOS/2 GB Graphics) IP 320-15IKB Laptop

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IIRC there is / was a time limit on reverting back from Windows 10 to a previous Windows install cleanly (if even possible, without issues), some say 10 days, others say 30 days, you are likely past the time frame.

If you're not sure if you have an .old system to restore and rather than lose important data off your Windows 10 install, I would save the important stuff and just install Windows 7 fresh... hopefully the OS will recognize the key and install. I would let Win7 do the partitioning work. You could always install fresh to a new drive, now would be a good time to use SSD versus HDD.

There's numerous How-Tos already written ( no need to reinvent the wheel :) ), so maybe should you decide on how to move forward I'm sure a forum member or one of the tutorials here on the Eight forum can guide you.

I hope you get this sorted out :)

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