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How to remove USER Folder and Libraries for AD Users.


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I'm using an Active Directory and I want that users don't use the windows folders.

-- Every user has in his "Profile" a Home Folder like: * Connect | Y: | to | \\sambastorage\USER |

-- In a GPO I'm using UserConfiguration\Prefences\WindowsConf\Registry to modify attributes.

With this options the users only view Y: But in a OpenDialog if you "GO UP" to "Desktop" and user could see: Libraries, USER FOLDER (for ex. John Smith) and Computer.

I want that user only see Computer or that he can't go up to Desktop. Other thing could be change the USERFOLDER to Y: and the Y: folder has the normal folders (AppData, Documents, Music, ....) and the normal user folders in Y:

Could you help me?? :confused::confused:


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As far as i know you need to work with allow and deny permisions for folders and usergroups.
Advice: Google or even beter if you do not know what you are doing stop fiddling around in the AD or the whole system will be screwed.

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