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How to reinstate WinMail onto Windows 8 or Windows 10


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..an update to a program being the culprit. Apparently Internet Download manager version 6.35 Build 9 broke things,
I'm glad you got it working, even though it's hard to see how IDM was the cause unless it was somehow grabbing/interrupting the logon process at gmail. I'm a long time user of IDM as well, and I just don't see it, but I can't say 100% though ...fwiw, I'm actually still using b9 and haven't bothered update to b10 yet, and have no problems with b9 or IDM ever affecting WinMail in any way.
Anyway that's all OT and too vague to discuss here, so let's not.

I am just happy you got WM working, and so good job.

..Next Day Edit:
FWIW, while using IDM, I looked, and saw I'm actually using b8 and not b9, and so just for accuracy sake thought I'd mention that as a fyi; also though I use POP and you use IMAP if that even would have mattered.. I guess for yourself if you Really wanted to know for sure, if you Uninstalled b10 and went backwards and installed b9 again - and WM had that problem once again, and then you updated to b10 and then it worked okay, well, then it would be hard to deny that focus.
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