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How to reinstate WinMail onto Windows 8 or Windows 10


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Hello endeavor,
I haven't explained the bug with progress panel in details, sorry.
It's not a bug per-sey really, it's how MS coded it. Also, your reg is simply deleting the s/r spooler dialog position folder key, and that's what keeps memory of where you want to have that informational s/r GUI box located on the screen when you click s/r.
..iow, I always dragged/adjusted the same GUI right to the bottom middle of the screen, I like and prefer it that way, I don't want to change it. I also want my s/r dialog Always Opened (expanded) because I like to look at it going though all the accounts I have, and is why I like to specifically bottom center it to fit!
Now you can delete that folder key all you want, but on every WinMail start it will rewrite itself anew; although you're right it will be minimized until you click the Details tab, or, an Error happens in an s/r function ..but whichever happens first it sticks.
It's not that it just stops it from minimizing because of an account message error though, but also if you prefer, like I do, if you select to click the Details button and expand it, and that also will from then on, leave it expanded and also prevent it from going back to the minimized state. Honestly I actually prefer it that way and as I said, I don't want to put it back.
..Just now checking my Vista tower and boot her up, LoL, it's the same behavior on Vista too, and see I already had it set for that s/r dialog box to be expanded so many years ago to be open full there too.
I also booted to and checked Win7/8/10 and they All have the same happening.
So, it's not something that needs to be fixed really; however if you like to have yours minimized that's perfectly fine, then just delete the SpoolerDlgPos every time you click Details or get an error, and be happy :)

About the language files, I've already spent the time and answered your question in post #498, in detail, and yet you've not acknowledge that post in any way... :eek:

...and about the msidcrl30.dll, I've already answered that question before to others and in my original post. Yes you can put it to the Programs folder, but as I said, it's originally pointed/coded to the System32 folder and that's where I am going to leave it, and why would I want to change it there's no point. It came from there in Vista, and it stays there here, and as far as you saying it's excessive, I would say it's excessive not to put it where it belongs, and there's no need for me to test that any further. ;)

However, it is nice to know that for those who don't like to have that S/R GUI always expanded, that there is a way to keep it minimized, even if at least it's only till the next error or Details tab click; but then now, if you want it back minimized just merge the reg, and so for that, nice find, and thank you Slavic!
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