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How to reinstate WinMail onto Windows 8/10/11


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As for the clean backup etc process of 1, 2 & 3. I'm not sure.
??? Your not sure???
..I'll take that as a no then.

I had some issues with a corrupted message store, and I deleted the msg store file
You say you deleted a "File" ?
(you see words and details matter here) When it comes anything to do with message store corruption, there is no single message store "file" to delete to solve that corruption problem, it's the "entire" folder of..
%USERPROFILE%\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows Mail
..that must be deleted in its entirety. You delete the entire folder. Doing anything else less is just prolonging and more complexing the corruption problem. The entire folder is all inclusive and the files and emails within are all interconnected together. Message store corruption cannot be solved unless the entire folder is Deleted and let rebuild fresh anew with all new acct #'s, OR, after deleting the whole folder and before re-starting WinMail the MSF gets replaced by a previously known 100% working MSF; or again, in order to start a new MSF, then the only way is to start from scratch and that is to delete the entire MSF without replacing it, starting WinMail with no MSF in place, and that is a fresh and proper from scratch, rebuild anew.
I've repeated myself though, but all the information of what to do in each situation is contained in the:
Spoiler: Backup/Restore Procedure 1, 2, 3 on page 1

PS, edit:
Well, the first question I had was "is this common?" and the answer is clearly NO.
FWIW, your Amazon script error may be something different than message store corruption though. I've personally never encountered that error yet. It's interesting that there are lots of hits on this error out there concerning Windows Live Mail, for instance, as shown at this link: Here
..but again, I've never encountered it on anything I've done with this WinMail tutorial for vista's "Windows Mail" and exclusively only use this tutorials method, and files, to reinstate WinMail. I've just searched this EightForums and the SevenForums tutorial, and there's not even one post ever mentioning it there either.
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I get lots of emails from Amazon, and almost every one is accompanied by an error box, that I need to click on before I can read the rest of the email.
It's a freakin' Script Error, and I've not even tried to "Fix" it. I just click it OFF and go on. I can't remember getting it from any other source than Amazon.
So I just consider it Their problem and not mine.
As they say in N.Y. ,,,,, "Forgetaboutit!"

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