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How to gain disk space on a Dell Venue Pro


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How to gain 20% disk space on a Dell Venue Pro

I would like to say I have been dinking around with Dell PC's for many years, use to purchase "dead" Dell laptops off of eBay and fixed them down to replacing chips on the motherboard.. I got involved in this forums as a result of a scripting question, while trying to create a program that would run a single script instead of having to run several, or even remember the commands... That single script now runs the Partitions, setup, recovery, wimboot images scripts perfectly and the project was uploaded in the Setup and Installation Forum..

Well now I am into tablets and wimboot images and system recovery on 16GB-32GB drives..

The interesting thing I found out about Dell Tablets is the amount of wasted drive space that is allocated to the UEFI Partitions

So in regards to Dell Tablets - I have one suggestion - even on brand new purchases

Go into Control panel - Recovery - Create Recovery drive and create a recovery usb

Then boot from that usb and reset the partitions and re-write the windows image...

Not only does Dell over allocate partition space and size - it writes a production folder that contains the images that are then copied to the other partitions, so you end up with more then twice the needed file size. PBR_ does away with the un-needed folder and can gain you about 6GB of space on a 32GB drive.. that's a 20% gain in usable disk space
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Thank you obi-one-kanobi! I hate red text btw. :)

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