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How to fix the ERROR 126 when you open OpenGL programs


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The solution is quite simple. In my case (Double ATI radeon HD 5700 + Windows 8 CP), I am download two different drivers from AMD Support & Drivers page: 1. - Catalyst Software Suite 12.2 for Win 7 64 2. - Catalyst Driver 8.93.7 RC10 for win 8 CP. I run first package and use it for uninstall previous version of Catalyst Software. Den instal the same package (12.2). After that, I am just overwrite with secund 8.93.7 drivers, and - voila - everything works just fine.

Apologize for my English!!!I wish/hope you understood me!I am try this couple of time, and works just fine, everytime!

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I had similar Error 126 problems and found two solutions. One involves using a command window and going to folder \windows\system32 and copy atioglxx.dll to .dll (that's just a dot and dll). Apparently something in the Catalyst software is looking for a file call dot dll instead of atioglxx dot dll so creating a copy with this name sorts it.

My own solution was to download the AMD Catalyst beta 4.2 much like AMikota above. This cured problems with sending a file from Lightroom 4 to Photoshop and also some plugins for Photoshop as well.

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