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How to find what is attempting to run a VBS script


New Member
i have Windows Script Host / VBS disabled for security reasons and because it was not being used
recently something began attempting to trigger VBS
the result is the error " Windows script host access is disabled on this machine. Contact your administrator for details'

the problem is I cannot find out what is attempting to run a vbs script
i've looked at event viewer logs and see event ID 1000 that something is triggering the disabled windows script host but it doesn't say what is attempting to start it

took a look at updated and new programs over the time frame since it started and nothing is standing out as a potential culprit

does anyone know how i might track down what is attempting to launch vbs?
i didn't see anything obvious in task scheduler as nothing had run inside the time frame of the last vbs launch failure

AV comes up clean from a few vendors

any ideas? thanks in advance

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