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Solved How to disable the top click and drag in Windows 8.1?

Hi there. I recently got a new laptop and while I have been able to figure out how to strip the majority of the useless Windows 8 crap out, but I cannot find how to disable this workspace thing when you click the top of the screen, probably because I am using the wrong keywords in Google.

Screenshots as to what I am talking about:

Any help would be most appreciated!

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Hey there Brink! What I mean, is when you click and hold the top of the desktop in Windows 8.1, it lets to move it in the Metro interface, similar to how you can set those windows to take up half the screen.
What I want to disable is the whole click and hold thing, since it interferes with selecting items on the desktop.

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Hey there 'BaconCatBug'! Welcome to Windows EightForums! :)

There's a few software's out there that will accomplish what you want.

'StartIsBack' menu replacement is a decent example:
(I just haven't figured out how to accomplish it myself!) ;)


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