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How to bypass USB DISK has been blocked by the current security policy


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Hi, so I have this old laptop I want to repair.
For some reason the driver to my keyboard has gotten corrupted, and there is no way to log into the computer since it doesn't detect my keyboard input.
Well it can only detect numbers, but not characters. I have also tried connecting to a different keyboard with usb.
So as a last possibility to save this old boy I want to reformat it with a new OS. But no luck there since its been block by security policy.
Is there someway I can buypass this security by changing bios settings, or by opening it and do som clear memory type of stuff?

Thanks for listning


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If you have a PS/2 keyboard port, you could try using a PS/2 keyboard. Power off, plug it in, then power on. Sometimes a docking station will have PS/2 ports, so if you can find the docking station for this laptop, that might be an option.

To get into the BIOS settings, do the following:
* Unplug all wires from the computer.
* Remove the main battery and the CMOS battery.
* Wait about 10 minutes, to give it time for all power in the computer to dissipate.
* Reinstall the CMOS battery (or get a new CMOS battery and install it) and the main battery.
* Reconnect all wires to the computer.

The above steps should clear any password that is keeping you from getting into the BIOS settings.

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