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How to avoid TPM locking boot drive when new SATA added


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Desktop PC, Windows 8.1, motherboard H97M-G43 MSI H97M-G43

Any suggestions how to change TPM pre boot policy not to check for additional new SATA drives and when found not to lock boot disk? Some drives are used for archiving and when occasionally connected to PC lock the PC.

In Mobo BIOS there is option to disable boot from drives visible to system and disabling seems to avoid locking of boot drive.

But drives attached to PCI-E SATA3.0 Express Card (ASMEDIA ASM1061) don't show up in BIOS and can't be disabled.

Any ideas?

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Hi, TPM settings can be done by running tpm.msc

You do so by Windows key + F and then type tpm.msc, right click and run as Administrator.
More information on disabling/enabling: LINK

Scroll down where it says Scenario 2: Turn off or clear the TPM

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