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Solved How many times can you use a Windows 8 Product key



Hey Guys

So I was thinking of getting a new hard drive for my laptop but wondered how many times can you use a Windows 8 product key

Would I have to buy Windows 8 again if I wanted to install it on my new hard drive or could I just reinstall Windows 8 and connect to my Microsoft account and it would automatically activate itself for me like it did the first time

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You can do that as many times as you like. If you buy a machine with Windows pre installed - it will be tied to that machine.You will be able to reinstall on the same machine, if you can get hold of the installation media.

It is easier with windows 7 because the installation media is readily available - and in a form you can update - and you get your own key stickered on the machine, and it is not constantly trying to monetarise you.

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