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How do I share a printer on a LAN with Vista/8 PCS


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I have 5 pcs with 8. The printer is fully installed in a Windows Vista pc.

However only one pc can print correctly. I created a homegroup in this pc and it can print just fine. However when I try to connect the other pcs to the homegroup windows 8 displays say it can do it anymore.

Any help will be very much appreciated.

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Get a Network Print Server with a USB port, so you can connect the printer to the network, not a dedicated machine. Then you just have to install the driver and/or software for the printer on all machines, then find the Network IP of the printer. It works the same way if you are sharing the printer off of a workstation. You just have to know the IP of the workstation with the printer. Problems that you run into can be the following: Workstation set up with a Dynamic IP, can be changed for their IP's by the router. So you end up loosing connection to the printer. Someone turns off the workstation, you lose connection to the printer.

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