How can I change M4A to WAV


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hi all,
OK, so I want to regrip my CDs since they're all at a crappy M4A 128kbps (I've been told by a guy at the store that M4A is lossless, but whatever). What're the differences between WAV and M4A? What are CD quality settings for WAV ripping? The guy told me 44.100 kHz, why not 48.000khz?
Also, I downloaded an album at 128kbps only, then I made an audio cd out of those files. Can they be ripped back onto my computer at a higher rate? I have been tired the program that converts M4A to WAV (M4A to WAV - Convert Audio with the Best Quality)but failed because they just support DVD rather than CD, well, any idea? Do not recommend above program again:huh:

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