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Host OS issues W8 needs to shutdown and restart your computer


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Hi there
it's only happened twice but I've had a weird message when running a w2003 server VM under VMware workstation rel 8.

Nothing running on the Host W8 system.

Running SAP GUI and SAP netweaver trial 7.01 on the 2003 server VM -- no probs until I suddenly get a message from the HOST OS

Windows 8 has encountered an unexpected error and needs to restart.

I re-booted of course but any place to see what caused the error or are the event system logs overwritten at re-boot.

I'm sure my VM wasn't the problem --I've used identical copies of this Virtual Machine loads of times without a problem.

BTW normally W8 is incredibly stable for a pre-beta these are the only 2 failures I've had -- both times running a W2003 server VM.


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can you export to a syslog server on your network?

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