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help recover external hdd with unallocated space.


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So my external hdd has of 500gb from iomega has served me for quite some years but today my laptop (main pc) just does not show it anymore and I cannot for the life of me get access to the files which were on there.
here is what i know so far.

- Drive shows up in devicemanager as Mass storage
- drive shows up in the screen to eject mass storage devices
- disk management shows that the entire 465gb worth of storage has been unallocated with a black bar above it

So after searching for a bit I found a program called EASEUS data recovery wizard. it started scanning the drive and showed all the folders and files that were on the disk, ALL OF THEM and that made me really happy. However when it was completely done scanning it created a special kind of file to just organize every single file in the document based on type rather then the order and state they were in previously and besides that, the full program would cost me 50$

I looked for more programs and then found Partition recovery Wizard Minitools, it started scanning but instead of one partition it showed a bunch of partitions of about 600 mb's each. I really have clue what it means and i do not know if it is a good thing or a bad thing

in case it turns out to be a bad thing, what do i do next?

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Well it appears your external hard drive has failed, Data recovery can be expensive $50 is cheap IF it can work????? That's a big IF. Minitool will work with you with there paid version. Again IF it will work. These are consumer tool not professional tools. So how important is your data. Sorry I can't be helpful here at all.

One think you might try is to get the External drive out of its enclosure and hook it up directly to SATA connection in your computer and hope that it only the Connection or the actual enclosure chipset that is failing?

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