help me with windows media player please


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Jun 26, 2020
Hello I'm not sure if this is the correct way to seek help with a problem I'm experiencing suddenly with my laptop but I'm hoping to get some valid and helpful advice before maybe having to purchase yet another laptop. For years I've enjoyed rip and burning music and sometimes videos in this and other laptops, I still burn cds and load flash drives with music to listen to away from my computer. A few months ago I noticed in Windows 8 when ripping music from a purchased music cd the information such as title, artists name and song titles can't be downloaded. is there a fix for that. Sure I understand my laptop is a bit ancient as is the Dell that I have yet to use but I like the older models because of the drives enabling me to load and unload cds and dvds. I have purchased an external cd/dvd writer for the Dell laptop I purchased to convert my analog vinyl collection to digital. A chore I had planned to begin before this issue happened. Any ideas and suggestions to correct this issue is and will be greatly appreciated.

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