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Help is it m/board-sata connectors-bios-cmos or drives


Halifax, UK

Spec: Gigabyte 78LMT-S2P Rev 5 CPU AMD FX4300 Video Geforce GT 610 Ram 4Gb

As you will guess from the above I am totally confused, frustrated and cheesed off.

did a windows update everything seemed fine. while installing backup programs had to do a reboot and then found drives missing. checked computer manager not there. checked device manager not there did a reboot checked in bios drives missing - removed and replaced data and power leads reboot now in bios. f10 save and reboot came up with Blue sod and error 0xc0000034. Googled (from laptop) some said problem with win 7 SD1 Microsoft say rollback then apply a KB (sorry cant remember which) recovery and refresh. how can you rollback when you cant boot in first place.

Windows recovery auto fix start-up said fixed reboot into same error. reboot into recovery this time to dos did bootrec /fixbcd then /fixmbr then rebuildbcd reboot back into error. Purchased new sata and power leads all changed boot to bios (takes about one and a half minutes to bios screen press F6 another one and a half get settings check recognition all drives found :dinesh: I am on a winner (or so I thought) reboot error 34 :mad: recovery disk auto repair windows unable to repair into dos bootrec again no change.

Thought I know will re install windows on a different drive reboot to continue installation back to error, restart into bios drives missing again ( drives are 2 SSD 128Mb and 64Mb and a 2 Tb Hybrid ) Have a sata/USB external connector so removed 128 Mb SSD windows 8.1 installed reboot to continue get error again. Then the penny dropped for this attempt - forgot to change boot order in BIOS changed to USB first rebooted and whoopee :dinesh::dinesh: installation continued windows 8 setup fine. put drive back into PC reboot to BIOS no drive :cry::cry: put drive back into external caddy and whoopee :dinesh:can use at last.

So while I can communicate I am writing this in both hope and desperation even though my name is not Dan.

Should also say I tried cmos reset by removing battery and leaving for 4 hours. no change to above saga.

Any ideas, suggestions or donations for a new PC gratefully accepted

Thanks in advance


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    Win 8 64bt
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    Asus Aspire
    Sempron 2.8
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    1024 x 768
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    2 x ide
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