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Help Burning Win7 ISO for UEFI w/USB3.0 drivers


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Built brand new i7-8700 computer that I want to install Windows 7 on.
Meaning: I need a UEFI bootable install disk that contains the USB3.0 drivers necessary to recognize my flash drive. (no optical drive on the system)

I have tried adding USB 3.0 drivers to my Windows 7 ISO with limited success.
Tried using DISM tool in my Power ISO burning software unsuccessfully.
Tried using command line image builds to edit boot.wim and install.wim, with limited success.
Copied the drivers but the UEFI didn't recognize the flash drive as bootable.
Found a UEFI bootable version of Windows 7 ISO online and burned that to the flash drive.
Successfully booted and began install but got stuck at the language screen because it lacked the USB3.0 drivers.
When I tried editing the .wim files I discovered that the UEFI bootable version has changed the "install.wim" to an "install.esd"

Now I'm completely stuck! Can't find a way to access the .esd file even by direct command line entry!
I've now spent days researching, editing, burning and still unsuccessful. >banging head against the wall, over, and over...<
Do you know where I can find a Windows 7 install ISO that is USB3.0 ready and bootable on UEFI?

I did include system specifics on registration but
ASRock 370 killer sli/ac motherboard
i7 8700 cpu
16GB DDR4-2133 Dual Channel memory
USB 3.0 and USB 3.1 (no optical drive)
250GB Samsung SSD
360GB Intel M2 SSD

I did successfully install Windows 10 on this system but I hate it and it must go away! WOW!
Originally wanted to run SBS Server 2003 but abandoned that idea upon blue screen of death at attempted install.
I must be getting old because I'm completely frustrated instead of challenged!

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    win 7
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    egghead barebones i7
    asrock z370 killer sli/ac P1.10 (UEFI)
    16BG Duel Channel G.Skill (DDR4-2133)
    Graphics Card(s)
    GTX 260


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This is a Windows 8 forum. You may get better information if you go to our Windows Seven forum: www.sevenforums.com.

Having said that, there are two problems that you will encounter with Windows 7 on this computer:
1. You have no USB 2 ports on the computer.
2. Your CPU is 8th Generation "Coffee Lake". You won't be able to do automatic updates for Windows 7 with this CPU - Microsoft has blocked that on this processor.

I suggest that you install an optical drive on your computer. You have a desktop computer, so this will be easy to do; and optical drives aren't expensive. Also, consider installing at least one USB 2 port on your computer. It will be useful to have a USB 2 port in this type of situation.
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    Linux Mint 18.2 xfce 64-bit (host OS) / Windows 8.1 Pro 32-bit (virtual machine)
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    Dell Inspiron 3847
    12 GB
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    Acer 23"
    Screen Resolution
    1920 x 1080
    Hard Drives
    Two hard drives, 1TB each: One for Linux, one for my data.
    IBM Model M
    Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer
    Sophos (Linux), Windows Defender (Windows)
    Other Info
    I use Samba to share my data drive with the other computers at my house.

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