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Help! Bluetooth suddenly doesn't work


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Hello guys, I have a problem with the bluetooth driver installed on my Windows 8.1 x64. Everything seemed to work well, I was using my bluetooth headset everyday, but now, after a restart, nothing works. The bluetooth icon is missing from the notification area, and the headset won't connect any more. In the services.msc I have the bluetooth ones, but in device manager the bluetooth is missing. I've tried to reinstall the driver, after restart still nothing, What could be wrong this sudden? Does anybody know? Thanks and have a nice day!


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The problem could be from a Windows update. When was the last time you rebooted the computer or logged out of and into Windows? Any Windows update that was installed since that time could be the culprit. The way to test or fix this is to uninstall all Windows updates, starting with the newest and working your way backwards, until you get to the update which got installed right after the date and time when you last rebooted or logged out of and into Windows.

Before you do that, though, there is something easy that you could try. Looking at your Device Manager picture, the top item in the list is "BR4TO92_LAPTOP". Right-click on that item and choose "Scan for hardware device" or something like that. Windows will then refresh the devices list, hopefully finding your Bluetooth device. If it finds it, it will hopefully try to install the driver for it.

Also, right click on the top item and choose to show the legacy or hidden items. Something might show up that will be helpful to you in troubleshooting this issue.

Finally, under the USB Controllers, there is an "unknown USB device" with a yellow triangle by it. It's probably a good idea to right-click on that item and tell it to uninstall it.

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