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HEEEELP! Windows Defender Updates Uninstalling Drivers


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I have a new Yoga 3 11, 64-bit, Windows 8.1 OS, running Windows Defender as my antivirus software as I've had no issues with it in the past. After about 1 month of use I did an Virus/Spyware Update and the next day the touch screen and bluetooth drivers were not working. Not only that, but Bluetooth option was completely removed from the PC Settings. At that time I didn't realize what update caused the driver issues, so I called Lenovo and wasted an entire day while they tried a bunch of troubleshooting resulting in the conculsion that "There's something wrong with your drivers." Rather than be without my computer for 10 days to have them send it back in the same condition (what usually happens), I reset the system to a previous point in time. Poof no problem, but I had to reinstall a bunch of programs.

Fast forward to today, and the only update that was installed yesterday was Virus/Spyware Definitions for Windows Defender. Computer sat spinning on "Shutting Down" this morning when I tried to boot it up. Again, Bluetooth and touchscreen not working, Bluetooth doesn't show up in PC Settings. The Defender update shows as installed successfully under Control Panel - View Your Update History, but no way to uninstall it as it does not show up under Uninstall Updates. (Not that I think that would help, because the drivers are already jacked up).

HELP Please! I cannot be without my computer and Lenovo "repairs" are horrible, anyway. :cry:

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Do you have the Disk that has the drivers, or do you have access to the Drive partition that they are on?
If so reinstall the drivers, after the update.
If not go here: Home - Lenovo Support (US) get the drivers you need and reinstall them.

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