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HD faults



it looks like I'm having some problem with internal HD or at least the C: volume. It wasnot only one case when I caught some of files once copied to %temp% folder later randomly changed. My suspiction was there are bad sectors so ran GParted's GSmartControl thorough test and several other rescue CDs with deep HD surface scan. To my surprise all test were negative, though the HD drive already indicates by it's smart status reallocated sectors count = 5.

So now I don't know if that problem of changing files can't be caused by improper cache flushing or something SW-related, or is true HW failure. For the second case I would appreciate a suggestion of software tool which performs thorough write/read test of all free sectors and marks those with inconsistent data as BAD. The surface scan isnot able to recover here.

Unfortunately the drive is Toshiba so I cannot use any vendor's low-lewel diag tool like Datalifeguard or SeaTools (both don't detect drive).

Thanks in adv. for any helpful advices

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