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Solved HBOGO problems w\ windows 8.1


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A person in another forum indicated that he was having problems with HBOGO after upgrading to 8.1. I went to the HBOGO site and I can hear the video but no picture. The site does not give an error message to indicate the problem. If I go to my xfinity account I can view HBO content. It seems that HBOGO is more geared towards apple and android devices. Anyone else experience this? My tablet is the surface pro 2 128gb version. I don't know what the other person was using, but I'm assuming that it was a surface as well, since he posted on a surface site. Never mind, must use software rendering in the internet explorer internet options instead of gpu.

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    Win 8.1 pro / win 8.1
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    Surface Pro 2/ HP Desktop
    core i5 \ AMD E1 - 1200 APU
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