Having issues with printing. Windows starting to lock up.


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I have not had any issues printing emails, etc. However issues first started when I had tried to print an image a day ago. When I tried to print using photo viewer a dialog box popped up saying "Your pictures can't be printed because this error occurred: An internal error occurred.". If I try to print using the photos app a message comes up saying "There was a problem connecting to the printer. Make sure it's connected and try again.". I have determined that this is an issue with Windows, and not the printer as every other device seems to be able to print using the printer just fine.

I did get an error once when opening photo viewer mentioning something about an rpc error. I did make sure that Remote Procedure call was set to automatic, and that Remote Procedure Call Locator was set to manual.

I have also noticed that Windows seems to be locking more, and more frequently almost regardless of which application I try to open. If I try to run chkdsk, or sfc commands the system seems to freeze.


Printer make+model [Epson WF-3620 Series]
PC Make [dell]
Operating System [Windows 8.1 x64]

Troubleshooting methods:

troubleshooter was unable to id issue
unistalled/reinstalled drivers
changed photowiz.dll version
used system restore, but the restore failed
used google so theres no need to be an ass, and waste my time by saying check google, why not be actually helpful

I am hoping that there is a resolution without reinstalling windows, but so far haven't been able to find.

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