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great free music streaming App works brilliantly on W8


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Hi there
I use the Squeezebox system from Logitech for streaming music from my computer HDD's (network HDD's)and also Internet Radio

Now there's an app available FREE which enables you to do exactly the same from your computer -- so if you are on the road etc you can use the same Internet Radio / Music folders for playing on your PC without the server connecting to the remote devices

The interface looks EXACTLY like the Hardware controller when using the server at Home to remote devices -- so you can play all your favourites etc without having to go through hoops and loops to find everything again.

You need to install the Logitech media server (also free--I use their Internet Radio and a couple of squeezebox receivers - excellent system)

The software for running on a Stand alone PC is SOFTSQUEEZE and can be downloaded here

Squeezebox Software Beta Downloads - Version 7.7

Incidentally you can also sync this app with an Android phone so you can either have the music playing via your phone (Wifi needed) or you can use the Phone as a remote controller -- which is what I'm doing as I'm in a Hotel Bed listening to the radio via the computer -- and I can control the whole thing while in Bed (Lazy Bu---r) !!.

This is what it looks like after you've started the server



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