GPU-z only partially reads GT 755m info. Black screen and flickering cursor at windows login screen.


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Hello folks. I've exhausted my patience and Google-fu with this laptop issue over the past few weeks, hopefully I can finally get a solution here.

PC specs - Lenovo y410p laptop, win8.1x64, integrated Intel HD 4600 chipset with discrete 2GB NVIDIA GT755M.

I noticed an error in Device Manager a few weeks ago on the nvidia card (code 43). When I run GPU-z, I see this -

Memory size 0 MB, bios unknown, memory type unknown, texture fillrate unknown, etc.

Since then, I've uninstalled it, cleaned with DDU, updated the drivers, all multiple times and in different ways (safe mode, no safe mode, restart after each step, disable Windows Update, etc.). I've tried Windows' default included driver (ver. 332?), the last Lenovo-approved driver version (I think 351 or so), the Windows Update-provided driver (not sure of version number), and the latest Nvidia-provided game ready driver (maybe 425.0). Manual driver installations usually complete fine (except for 332.0, where it doesn't start setup after copying the files to the temp installation folder) and so do Windows automatic driver "find driver" installs, but the error same code shows up in Device Manager after restart. Nvidia control panel also will not open but shows as running in Task Manager. I believe there's supposed to be a driver service running in Task Scheduler but I can no longer see it. Also, after each reinstallation + restart, when it gets to user logon the screen stays black. The mouse cursor flickers and I can move it for about 10 seconds before it resets to the center, and the network icon also flashes intermittently. I can only actually see the screen properly to login if I switch to UMA only via bios.

I think I *might* have gotten it to show up fine once after a reboot somewhere along the line in all this but after another restart it was back to square one. I'm hoping my GPU isn't just fried. Any ideas?

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