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Solved Google Chrome browser tabs opening with ads


The situation occurred shortly after installing Avast. A new tab with an ad will open up about a fourth of the time I click on a link within a web page. It doesn't matter what web page is clicked from. Some of the URLs that open are:
smartwebads, tradeadexchange, hotchatdate, oclasrv, dudeplaygaes among others

Malwarebytes, IOBit, Spybot, Adaware, and a couple others have been used but have not detected what causes this.
Malware byes quick scan only showed 12 items related to Weatherbug.
The MBAM comprehensive scan was stoppeed by me after 5 hours. It hadn't got to the heuristics scan yet, but only showed 3 items out of 350,000 scanned (yes it was slowed also as everything my pc has bee doing, The 3 items are thing I knew what they were and were false positives.

My web pages are coming in very slowly also in Chrome.
I have Firefox open also. Its pages come in at a choppy rate, not nearly as slowly as Chrome.

No popup dialog boxes are coming up; just a new browser tab randomly upon my clicking a link on a web page,

I have manually check , using windows explorer, the directories that have a modified date of the day Avast was installed or later. I didn't notice anything.

I suspect that my antivirus installations are being partially blocked.

I tried installing AVG yesterday, but a message said (don't have the name of it), a dll was missing so couldn't install AVG.
Avira seemed to be stuck at 53%.

Everything my PC does is slowed down (even deleting a file from a directory takes 20 seconds at times even for very small files)

I have attached part of my list of running processes.

I have used firefox to import my chrome bookmarks. I read another forum that suggested uninstalling Chrome the reinstalling. I wanted to save my book marks (400 or so!)

I'm not sure what to do - maybe Norton or McAfee (I stay away from them since they hog resources, but will try if sugessted to.

Thank you.


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You can sort the list on the CPU tab to put the highest usage first.
From the screenshot, there is an update of Avira taking place there below.
Scanners can use some resources indeed; using multiple scanners/antivirus engines simultaneously is not recommended.

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    That's basically it.

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