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gmail blocks from computer


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all of a sudden i cannot send or receive gmail from my email client on the computer. This happens with both our computers on our home network. if we go to the google home page and sign in to gmail from there it works fine, but not on our email clients. Also from my galaxy android cellphone i can use gmail. I have been using WLM on mine and last week switched to Thunderbird with no problems. Wife's machine still uses WLM

As of yesterday either of these email clients do not work with gmail in or out. on either machine

Windows Live Mail Error ID 0x800CCC0F
In addition i dont know what the setup parameters are for gmail any more seems some things have changed does anyone know the current correct ones (yes i have imap enabled)

I am extremely frustrated with this problem and have to get back to functionality. Of course i have seen no way of getting in contact with gmail.

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