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Thank you. I just really want to get my computer right so that I can create a system image for restore purposes later, you know. Which, do you happen to know of any utility to get SECURITY ONLY updates for Windows 7 Pro Sp1 64-bit so that I can avoid all the telemetry ones and also avoid any update that may upgrade my OS to Windows 8/8.1 or 10? So far since my reformat I have only installed a few updates. Now it's telling me there are like 27 Important Updates and 4 Optional ones. Of course they are named Security & Quality Rollup, Security Quality Montly Rollup, Cumulative Security Update, Update for Windows 7 x64 based Systems..., So there is no easy way to know which ones I need and which ones I need to avoid. Even the 'Optional' ones are listed like that except for one which does say it's Initio - Bus Controller...

I realize I can click each one individually and click 'more info' and it takes me to more cryptic language on Micro$oft page.

I just know I already experienced updating, restarting and having had my Windows 8 updated to 8.1 without my realizing that would happen. I spent a lot of time and effort trying to prevent that from happening after a painful reinstall of Windows 8 last year. Then I found they were going to do the same with Windows 10 so I bought this Win7Pro off ebay hoping to avoid all of that.

Anyway, thank you again. Be blessed! Amanda

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