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Gaming problem on Windows 8.1


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Hello 8 Forums!

I recently bought and upgraded my computer to windows 8, from windows 7. Instead of installing all my games over again, and then having to update them (Battlefield 4, etc), I decided to all my games into a folder on the desktop, since the upgrade didn't remove the desktop and all that stuff. Anyways, once Windows 8 was installed I wanted to play some games, so I copied everything from that folder to the Program Files (x86) which they originally installed to on Windows 7. So I went to play some games and it comes up with mscvp100.dll is missing. I've installed the 2013 C++ Redist, ran sfc /scannnow, virus scan's everything.

So without downloading the single .dll on the internet, how do I fix this issue alltogether. So no more games come up with this error.

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