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Freezes- attempted win repair - endless auto repair loop


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Hello, I would appreciate help fixing my laptop: Toshiba C75D-B7300, Windows 8.1. For a few weeks the pc was running slow. It would freeze frequently. Initially the mouse would be stuck for a while and then resume. It was like every keystroke took several minutes to execute. Then it started freezing to the point where i had to restart to get out of it. Then it became so frequent that it became impossible to use the PC. The problem existed both in normal mode and in safe mode.
I have not installed any new programs before this began. I tried restoring to previous date, but it said "failed".
So, I looked up solutions on line and tried them. scannow, chkdsk, etc. (scheduled at restart) The results showed "errors were found, some errors could not be fixed". Every method I found on line I tried. After one of the methods, and I believe it was some version of scannow.exe with several alpha digits /. After running that, the PC is stuck in an "automatic repair loop". The PC has been on for two days and I can see the windows go through "preparing to do automatic repair", "diagnosing the pc" "repairing disk errors: this may take over an hour" etc over and over for two days continuously. Finally I turned the PC off from the power button. Then restarted the PC. Now I am unable to go to the start options via F8 to get into safe mode (it did before this loop) and it goes on to the automatic repair again endlessly. I have done hard start few times and tried to go to safe mode via F8 but it goes to boot and automatic repair loop.
I don't want to "repair" or "refresh". Refresh will return PC to factory condition and will loose all my installed programs. The On line instructions say that "repair" does not loose any programs or data. But when I tried to do "repair" it gave a warning which specifically said that "you will not loose any apps you downloaded from windows store but you will loose apps installed from other sources or from web". So, I did not perform a "repair".

Of course the PC did not come with Windows install CD. This PC does not even have the windows key written on the bottom sticker. I did prepare the "recovery disks" some time ago from this PC. I have two sets. One made from brand new laptop and second made few years later. I tried using these but they do not work. The CD drive makes the whirring sounds for a while and then stops but the windows start as usual going to the auto repair. I cannoot create the "install media" from Microsoft's web site because that requires a windows license key.

I did make copies (not back up) of my data before all this happen but do not have a total back up.

Please, what can I do to fix the problem. Thanks.

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