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Forgot both password/email address for login :-(


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I have for a very long time use this picture password login option to login to my laptop, because its been so easy.
I got so used to that BUT now i wanted to change the picture and i noticed goshhh i have forgotten both my password and email address.
Should i perhaps format the whole laptop and begin from the beginning? How on earth would i find what my password and email address was? I have tried everything i can, but i assume there is no way other than formatting right?
Thank you for your replies :thumb:

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There are techniques for recovering user login passwords, however we have a forum policy that prevents our users from help with this, as there is no way of knowing which requests are genuine and which are not, although I'm sure many are genuine we have to cover ourselves against the few than are not.

You may be able to visit a local technician and have them investigate this for you - but this will of course likely incur a cost. if you have nothing on the laptop that is irreplaceable the system reset may well be the best option

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