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Forgettng printers, wireless fails with printers installed


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This one's got me totally buffaloed.

I'm the IT Manager for a small consulting firm. Everyone travels, everyone has a laptop joined to the domain. Mostly Dell, but two of them are HP Envy M4s. One of those (originally Windows 8 Pro, now 8.1 Pro) has the weirdest printer issues. We have two shared printers in the office, an ancient Brother HL-5140 monochrome laser and a hotsy-totsy Konica Minolta C35 multifunction color laser. The latter has direct network connectivity but both are shared through host computers (that's what the leasing company recommended).

Of course these were installed on the problematic M4, along with some printers she has at home. For the last several months (maybe since the 8.1 upgrade, I'm not sure) when she brings the computer back into the office the office printers don't work. They have to be uninstalled and reinstalled. But it gets weirder. For the lat month or so when she goes home she cannot connect to her wireless network if those printers are installed. So right now they are not installed. Which is a major PITA for her at work.

I've reinstalled several times, and wiped the system clean of the drivers and everything, and nothing has any effect. The other M4 has no issues.


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