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Font worked fine in Win 7 is not working right in Win 8


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I have a special font (.ttf) that comes with a third party program. In addition to the program reading the font, I also install it in Windows to use it in Word documents.
This font worked fine when installed on my Windows 7 64-bit computer.
However, on my Windows 8 64-bit computer, 16 of the characters on the font do not show. Windows has substituted other default characters in place of these. (I checked the charmap and instead of the characters, Windows puts default characters.)

Yet when I open the font in a third party program like Font Creator, all of the characters on the font appear true.

Is there a setting in Windows 8 that I need to adjust so the characters will show as they are supposed to? Or is there a way to tweak the font so Windows 8 sees all of the characters that are on it?

I went into the font settings and made sure it is set to show all fonts, not just those for my language.

Unfortunately, the person who created the original font has passed away so I cannot talk to him. But I was able to find out that the font was created by a program called FontLab (which I don't have and can't afford to buy.)

I have made sure that my laptop has a default printer selected, so that is not the issue.

Attached are two pictures. One shows the spaces on the charmap that are not showing the correct characters, and the other shows the characters that Font Creator shows as being on those spaces in the font.

Any help greatly appreciated.


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