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Folder thumbnail preview not changing


New Member
I've recently changed to Windows 8.1 and honestly don't think it's as bad as people make out, clearly not as user friendly as Windows 7, but hey ho.

Anyway, I have a number of folders on my hard-drives and I want to put a preview pic on them so I know exactly what they are, however when I Right Click > Properties > Customise > Choose File > Apply, it completely ignores my selection, and it's the same across all my hard drives.

I've tried clearly the thumbnail cache without any luck. I also went through the lengthy task of running tweaking.com's Windows All In One Repair in case it was a dodgy system file, no bad sectors found and after three hours running, still no use.

I should note it does work in two instances:

  • When I rename my specific picture as 'folder.jpg'
  • When I create a new folder, put files in there, then I can change the thumbnail pic via the properties (That suggests the folder could be conflicting as it was created in Windows 7?)

Any idea what's causing the issue? Any help appreciated.

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