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"folder in use" warning preventing me from moving files


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Hi, I have a large music library on my laptop and recently I tried to clean it up, delete doubles, file properly and name files etc. Unfortunately 9 times out of 10 when I try to move, delete or re-name a file it comes up with an error msg stating the action cannot be completed because the file is open in another application. It is completely intermittent in that I could perform whatever action on a file and it works then suddenly one wont, but I can come back to it later and it will work then sometimes it wont let me do anything whatsoever or I can get a solid 10 mins where I can do whatever I want. There is nothing in the "more details" pull down menu, the unlocker program I installed tells me there is no lock handle on the file and I cant find any programs running in the task manager that are obviously using music files. I have no problems editing or moving photos, documents or movies only music in the music library in the file manager.
any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

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Both Itunes and Windows Media Player have "Music Servers" and you have to shut those off in the Program Prefs for each Program. If your Laptop is connected to any other computers through a LAN you may have your iTunes or WMP libraries shared with other systems, those have to be disconnected as well at both ends. I've got an Itunes Library and a Plex server spanning 3 machines, so I cant directly edit anything in my "Music" libraries, I can copy them out though.

One thing you can try, is disable your Network adapter on your laptop, wait about a minute, then try to access the files again, if your files are locked due to an external library, that should unlock em. And turn off any 'Sharing: prefs in WMP and iTunes (if installed).

If you have any other music app, like Foobar2000, you have to make sure that is turned off and not sharing as well. Also, Windows Media Center will also share your Library. With WMP and WMC, you can remove the shared folders from the libraries and that should free them up.

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