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Focus-on-hover mouse setting randomly resets.


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Hi all, I prefer to have the mouse change focus on a window by hovering, I've used this setting for many years, and it's what works best for me. I'm finding that with Win8.1 this setting is randomly being reset -- searching for this I've read about mouse issues when there's a reboot, but this will just happen in normal use, no reboot required. One minute everything is working as it's supposed to, then I'm hovering, and realizing that nothing is happening, and when I check, sure enough, the check mark is gone from the Control Panel setting.

I've done many searches, but haven't been able to find any reference to anyone having a similar frustrating experience, Since this is a Win setting (accessibility), I'm thinking it's not to do with the mouse, but, just in case, it's a Logitech M570 Wireless Trackball, using SetPoint Control Center 6.65.62, Drivers v.5.80.4 -- searching for an update tells me that everything is up to date.

This is a Toshiba Laptop, and the track pad is turned off. I'm willing to make registry adjustments if that would help make this problem go away (and no, I haven't done anything in the registry that might have caused this, if there's a registry change to fix this, that will be the first change I make to this machine).

Thanks for any assistance!

Edited to add: the custom settings of the trackball (switched buttons, etc) do not reset, only the hover behavior.

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One standard "support trick" that works quite often is to boot to safe mode, go into Device Manager, and delete the misbehaving device. Reboot normally. Windows will display "new hardware found" and install the same driver you just deleted. For some reason this often fixes issues.

It is some weird thing nobody knows exactly why it works(like as soon as you crack open a novel the phone rings.) :)

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    Windows 8.0 x64
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    Toshiba Satelite C55D-A Laptop
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    640 GB (spinner) Sata II
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