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Flash website issue with certin website(s) features


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I have the Windows 8 Consumer build 8250 installed on my Toshiba NETBOOK. Everything is all dandy except certain features on certin websites.

I am unable to actually upload pictures to flickr. Like when I click the "Choose files to upload" nothing happens, no box allowing me to choose the files in explorer appears and nothing happens. I have tired with adblock on and adblock off and it makes no difference. Also when trying to play games within facebook. The games do not load or nothing appears.
Its like as if the adblock is on but there is no adblock on. When right clicking it shows that the flash plugin/extension is running but not the product. This only started when i installed windows 8 consumer. The developer build did not have the issue. I also have tried Chrome, Firefox, and Internet explorer and all errors/issues are reproduced.

Anyone have any ideas?

Here is the MSDN Social issue i posted in they're forums.
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