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Fix Drive Letter


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Hi everyone!

My PC has two HDD. And per HDD has three partitions. I installed Windows 7 on the first partition of first HDD, and Windows 8 on the first partition of second HDD. And I have a problem:

When I use Windows 7, Drive Letters of first partition are C: D: E: and of second partition are F: G: H:

But when I use Windows 8, Drive Letters of first paritiotn are F: G: H: and of second partition are C: D: E:

Maybe it's not big problem but the target of shortcuts usually be fail. And I really need a help. I want the Drive Letters are been fix.

Thanks and sorry for my English

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Hi r94ever

That's normal behaviour. Windows will always see the operating system as C and then assign the next available drive letter to your other partitions.


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