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Fix component store offline and/or manually


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I recently have migrated my windows 8.1 and now I have some seriously annoying problems.

1) Windows update doesnt work and throws a bunch of different error codes including 80073712.
I first tried using sfc /scannow a tool that heped me often enough, but it couldnt do anything

it says something like
the windows resource protection could not perform the requested operation

quick google took me to DISM, but this one is a big failure as well.

checkhealth says that there are no issues but scanhealth cancels with error 14098 and a message that the component store is damaged, restorehealth does the same.

so my last Idea would be going and repair the component store myself or if possible, just ax the thing into oblivion and let windows recreated (or if really needed replace it with the one from my healthy windows.)

anyone got an Idea?

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StartComponentCleanup essentially just says that the component store is damaged.

for the other site, I was there already and usually checkhealth says everything is okay and everything else throws the 14098 error and say that it's damaged and restorehealth is useless.

and a repair install usually doesnt do anything either (just says "error installing windows"), that's why I kinda would love to try to just either browse the store manually to find the error, or kinda nuke it and rebuild it, or of possible transplant the store from my Desktop, which doesnt have the problem.

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