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Firefox 28 released: Windows 8 Metro version removed


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Firefox 28 for Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android has been released. For Android, version 28 adds a lot of cool features – such as predictive lookup from the address (Awesome) bar, the addition of quick share buttons, and support for OpenSearch. On the desktop side of the equation, though, Firefox 28 adds support for the VP9 video codec… and that’s about it. Why I hear you ask? Well, Firefox 28 was meant to include the long-awaited Windows 8 Metro version of the browser — but at the last minute, citing almost zero demand for Windows 8′s Metro interface, Mozilla’s vice president for Firefox decided to terminate the project and pull the code out of version 28.
from ExtremeTech

I'm shocked, but I wonder how well it would have done. I still hope that they will released it in its entirety to the public. :confused:

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